A large proportion of our customers today produce after very high standards. At EURO-STEEL DANMARK A/S we regularly upgrade internal procedures to cope with the increasing customer requirements and market demands.

As a result, EURO-STEEL DANMARK A/S today stands as a very high qualified and competent steel supplier. To achieve this, we have in the process of establishment, listened to our customers’ requirements and desires. Thus, in some cases we adjusted and adapted our own internal systems to match our customers’. In this context, our internal processes has been carefully adapted to the expectations and wishes of our customers to meet the requirements in relation to EN 1090th.

We will continue to develop and adapt and therefore remain responsive and accommodating to the demands and wishes of our customers. We are confident that this is one of the main elements of how we, continuously, can stay attractive as a steel wholesaler.

EURO-STEEL DANMARK A/S are qualified, checked and approved by these companies:

Quality Policy Euro-Steel

Euro-Steel must be an attractive, credible and quality conscious partner in the sale of steel.

We emphasize:

• To provide a good quality to the customer, every time
• To help our customers as much as possible – preferably as soon as possible
• Finding simple and efficient solutions to our customers’ wishes
• We’re different – we can and will more than the other suppliers
• To involve employees in quality work and raise awareness of the individual’s contribution to the quality of the finished product

– Our quality policy and quality management system is designed in accordance with ISO 9001
– The quality policy and quality management system applies to all employees in the company who are required to comply with the relevant provisions and work to improve the quality assurance system efficiency.

August 18, 2015

Morten K. Larsen and Michael K. Larsen