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The history of Euro-Steel is not that complicated. We are a family-owned, financially solid company, with customer service in focus. Our motto is “We’re different”, and we live up to that every day! We always go the extra mile for our customers, and are not afraid to get our hands dirty. When the company was started, the management was responsible for all manual work, from loading the truck to delivery to the customer. Over time, more hands have been added, but some things never change, everyone still lends a hand when needed. That is why we have an understanding of, and interest in helping our customers in all stages of the process. Based on our large stock and network, we work with our customers to solve small and large everyday problems.

ISO 9001 certified
via Inspecta A/S
Approved supplier
to the Nordic supply industry

Quality policy

We want Euro-Steel to emerge as an attractive, credible and quality-conscious steel partner. That is why we attach great importance to:

Our quality policy and quality management system are designed in accordance with ISO 9001. The quality policy and quality management system apply to all employees in the company who are obliged to comply with the relevant regulations and work to improve the efficiency of the quality management system.


"Euro-Steel Danmark is a 100% privately owned Danish company, located in Hedensted near Vejle. Since its inception in 1988, Euro-Steel has supplied the Scandinavian steel market and over the years has specialized in plates and beams. The result of this is that we have the largest stocks of these products in the whole of Northern Europe. With the acquisition of AH Industries in 2019, they also entered into deliveries of semi-products to, among others, the wind turbine manufacturers.

At Euro-Steel Denmark, the slogan is "We Are Different" - this means that anything can be done. We never say no to an exciting task, so call us – 24/7-365″.

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